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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Saturday full of DoubleYou

At the All American Road Race (formerly known as Murad) on Saturday, the Bike Doctor boys and I rolled DEEP all day! No need to hold back the results; I got the W! I think it would be a little bit too cumbersome to provide a recap of the entire race, because there was WAY too much action for me to even remember properly, and it would be easier to watch a race-length video! The short story is that we had a very active race from start to finish. There were lots of breakaway moves rolling in and out of the field all race long, and I was happy to see that my Bike Doctor teammates were doing a good job of making sure we always had a few people in position to respond and properly cover these groups! We didn't have a specific plan, per se, which is how I like to race: just wait for the race to unfold and make the best out of the situations you arrive at! I was able to make a very good situation for myself by getting into a late breakaway with a bunch of really strong guys from the local racing circuit, including one Ryan McKinney, a guy I've looked up to and admired since I got into racing. On the last lap, he and I both had a teammate in the breakaway, and were both trying to break up the group by attacking again and again, forcing the other racers to respond and letting our teammates follow wheels and have an easier ride. Eventually with about a mile left, one of Ryan's attacks dealt a deathblow to the break, and I was the only rider able to follow him. We had a very cool drag race to the finish in which I edged him out by a fraction! I then pulled a Custer (as it will undoubtedly be referred to as from now on): I put my hands in the air and then totally biffed it! If anyone who reads this ever played Counterstrike or Quake, the precise thought going through my head was the "Humiliation" soundbyte. Essentially, this happened in front of all the DNF's and FeedZone Peeps at the Start/Finish line: I'll be hearing about this for EVER, I'm pretty sure :) Protip: I'm pretty sure there is something in the USA Cycling rulebook about keeping your hands on the bars, and I exemplified that. (Also, don't ride on an indexed headset) To cap this off, here are some photos, and an appropriate soundtrack
Shortly after this shot, I laid down on the pavement in an ungraceful manner
We decided that the best way to chase the nasty taste of swallowing one's pride is an ice cold beer won from a preeme last week! (I'm the guy in the Caps shirt) Thanks again to the buys at Bike Doctor, who are getting me a cool new ride with appropriate fit, handling characteristics, and some training wheels which they mandated after my performance on Saturday!

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