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Monday, April 9, 2012

I descend the Gavia

Oh my gosh I want to go back! If you ever have the chance, travel to the Stelvio National Park in Northern Italy, and bring a bike, motorcycle, or roadster. Absolutely beautiful roads! The whole world seems like a postcard...I swear that whenever Melissa and I look back at the photos we took, we are always disappointed because no camera can do this place justice! All the albums do is give us the urge to return! Here is my Gavia descent video (complete with a mixed soundtrack)! I was carrying a backpack full of provisions and the roads were most definitely open to traffic, so excuse any missed apexes...I was too busy enjoying the Alps to be bothered with entry and exit lines, although the motorcyclist and I did have a fun time picking our way down the fastest part of the descent (he ended up letting me by when we got to the hairpins)

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