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Friday, April 20, 2012

Ready for a Race?

I can't remember if I've given you my allergy dissertation on this blog, so I'll proceed with the short story: I am allergic to everything, and my symptoms make everything in my life terrible. I underwent a year of immunotherapy which has helped the immediate symptoms (runny nose, hayfever, sinus infections), but the underlying effects of seasonal allergens STILL manifest. This week, I've been absolute crap at work. I fall of task quickly, I mistype in emails, and read instructions incorrectly. It only dawned on my this morning that its the allergies. Despite not having significant 'mucal' symptoms, I'm still as tired and lethargic as a three-toed-sloth-on-opium, but I haven't realized it because this spring I've been relatively healthy. Today in particular was a bad day. I tried to summon some focus by stuffing my face full of chocolate bars and green tea, but that did not work, and my appetite didn't ease. I'm sure there's a specific tree that must have popped this morning, because I DID wake up with swollen sinuses, and I feel like I've been overtraining for months (I've pedaled my bike with force for 2 hours this week). On my bicycle ride home from work, I usually keep my power under 200 watts, as 'racing' in and out of work doesn't help me get faster on the bike, but it does make me too tired to race well. Today, I kept it under 100 watts, keeping my chain in a 39x28 gear and never moving it. I subsequently took a 10 minute nap in which I could swear I experienced a full-length dream. I'm excited to race tomorrow in Maryland! After I received word that I had qualified for the Nature Valley Grand Prix, I started taking training seriously. I've put in a few really long rides, so my usual issues with range shouldn't be an issue for tomorrow's 80-miler. Aside from the race, I'm also excited to ride with my teammates. Given my transient living situation, I don't get many chances to ride with them, and they are a really cool bunch! So far I really like all the racers down in the VA Beach area, but nothing beats the feeling of 'home' in the MABRA/D20 fields.

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  1. Great result at All-American. Work on your finishing salute because I expect more to come ;).

    As for NVGP... the hardest races are the 2 hour circuits (3 of them)... don't worry about training long, just hard efforts with lots of spurts.