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Friday, April 6, 2012

I Climb Mauna Kea

The noble steed at rest!
On our honeymoon, Melissa and I revisited Mauna Kea, one of MY favorite places on the big island! I really wanted to climb up to the summit by bike, and after a short twitter conversation with @LanceArmstrong a few months prior, I was 'motivated' to accomplish the ride!

Wish I had more than a phone camera...it really did look planetary up there!

This video is just the final ascent to the observatories; it was a REALLY long ride up there, and I think I took 3 rest stops: one EARLY stop to fix a flat I got about three minutes into the dirt, and two short breathers I took on the deceptive 20% section (which looks gentle!) when I started to feel REALLY weird. I only needed a minute to feel ready to go again, but it just goes to show how amazing the human body is that it can operate like this in such a dramatic environment!

Mauna Kea Summit Clip from Pete Custer on Vimeo.

I would do this ride again, but not any time soon. I would ABSOLUTELY use a mountain bike, and my 34 x 28 worked, but a mountain bike granny gear would be welcomed on the steepest dirt sections to keep from over-gearing and losing traction. I need to find my video of the descent...I was absolutely FRIGHTENED by the speed. I was mashing my brake levers down to the handlebars and ACCELERATING! Many drivers gave me encouragement on the ride, and the Park Rangers were a very friendly bunch!
A chicken is done, I am FINISHED!

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