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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last Weekends Results!

Work is keeping me too busy to blog, but I got a little breathing space to catch up and share some excellent results from the Bike Doctor camp last weekend! First off, a HUGE congrats to Pete Warner for his huge ride at the Tour of the Battenkill in upstate New York. He survived the course, the riders, a tumble, and a very nervous finale to earn an excellent 6th place in the Category 2 race. The rest of the team has an equally epic story, littered with misfortune and grit. Check out the details here. Those Cat 2 races are always very nervous. Rarely do you have a Cat 2-only race, and the races are usually held at showcase events, so you attract a field FULL of elite-level riders who are prepared to take risks to rise above the rest and prove themselves for glory, attention, and upgrade points. When I first started racing as a Cat 2, I secretly wished that there were more opportunities to race against 2's ONLY. After a few choice events, however, I realized the merit in a combined 1-2 field. On Sunday, the Bike Doctor crew made the annual pilgrimage to the Carl Dolan Memorial Circuit Race in Columbia, Maryland. This race is one of the keystone events of the Mid Atlantic Region. Promoted by the DC Velo club, the race does an excellent job of mixing 'predictable' and 'low key' with 'fun' and 'exciting'. That, combined with the EXCELLENT job DC Velo routinely does in playing race host, makes Carl Dolan an 'A priority' event for many competitive racers in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland cycling scene. That said, our boys stomped it. SPOILER ALERT: Awesome race winning shots included! As for myself, I was in Hampton for the weekend visiting Melissa, and the local race there was the Langley Speedway Criterium, a SUPER fun event held at a local race track about a half a mile from the Langley Air Force Base! I did well, lapping the field and earning a 5th place for my efforts.
Melissa did awesome! She doesn't have much pack riding experience, but kept cool, followed all the accelerations through the race, then did her best Fabian impression and strung out the field on the last lap! Only 2 or 3 women were able to come around her by the end, but she earned a 1st place in the Cat 4's! To celebrate, we went to the Crab Shack and bought ourselves the most expensive entree they offered!

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