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Thursday, April 12, 2012


This is a glorious time of the year. NHL playoffs! Last nights Flyers - Pens match was an exciting game to watch (sorry Pens fans...it was!), but my Caps go up against the Bruins tonight! I'm so excited to watch that I actually did a morning workout on the rollers before my usual easy cruise downtown to work! Call me Humpbacked-Backstrom if you saw me riding in...
I'm really looking forward to the weekend! I'll be visiting Melissa in Hampton and getting in some nice rides out by Yorktown and Williamsburg. It is a really pretty area that I still haven't finished exploring and mentally mapping (I've only called it home since...August?) That happens when you live apart from your spouse. It is definitely tough being newlyweds and not seeing each other all the time, but we both are so busy during the week that the nightly Google Video chat is just about enough to hold us over to the weekends. I'm so used to the transient lifestyle from my teenage years (divorced parents splitting time with me), that I don't see it as an insurmountable obstacle, but rather just an extension of living out of a duffel bag for a few more years. She's worth it :) Hey, I just remembered I wanted to hook a friend up with some web-traffic. He's been a HUGE fundraiser for the Livestrong program over...well...as many years as I've known him (and he also gets me some KILLER seats at the Verizon Center!) Go here to make a contribution to he and his wife's fundraising ride up Mt. Kilimanjaro! Over 19k of climbing via bicycle...I don't like to use the word, but it certainly suits this venture: should be EPIC!

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