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Thursday, May 3, 2012

My New Whip

Thanks to Cannondale and Bike Doctor for hooking the team up with some FINE one-off Caad10 frames for us to roll through the season in style and speed! I've been frame-material-neutral for some time now. Some of my friends might have seen me switch from a Giant TCR Advanced to an aluminum Scott last season. Both were great bikes. The Giant was super light and well balanced, but when I switched to the Scott, it ate corners like it was on rails. This past winter, however, I had a little experiment. I built up my old faithful Giant TCR Carbon and did some rides. Not gonna lie, the weight advantage of the higher-end frame was definitely noticed. Still, I got those Giant frames when I was sizing myself all crazy-like, and I just could never get comfortable on their whippy front-ends. Enter Bike Doctor and Cannondale, getting me aboard the new Caad10. Things I like: -Stout front end: push it into a corner and it will not shake or waiver -"Standard Geometry": it looks like a classic bicycle, not sci-fi bike -It is made out of metal -People can buy this without getting in trouble with spouses/debt collectors This is my first 'Dale, and assuming I'm a good fit with the geometry, I'd be really curious about the Evo if I ever win the lottery :) The build as shown is incomplete. I'm on a size 58, but I have a really short reach, and the only stems I had available were 120's. I'll probably find a cooler stem/handlebar combo to get this baby JUUUUST right.

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  1. Sweet! I actually have the EVO, and I won't lie, I love the weight savings, especially since every race up here involves climbing 5000 feet. However if I were racing in MABRA, I wouldn't suggest buying one. It is so light, it is almost twitchy, and that is with the fit dialed in. It's not bad diving into corners, but I certainly had more confidence in my CAAD driving into a high speed turn than the EVO. And the snap that the CAADs get out of corners is unmatched, even in the EVO. Save your dough and buy a second CAAD before you drop the plastic on the fancy plastic bike. Oh, and tear it up out there this year!