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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Camp

After we finished up our ride on the first day of our team camp at Amery at Jay and Sue's house, my bike was finally delivered from the airport.  I have to admit, the slight discomfort of riding a foreign bike for 3 hours was worth the sight of my bicycles arrival:  the courier showed up to the house in this car:

This, but in a classic purple color!

They don't make'em like they used to.  My bike bag was sitting in the back-seat, in the least efficient direction, and still had tons of space to spare.  THAT, my friends, is a five-seater!

After being treated to a couple of casual seminars by Physical Therapist Alynn Kakuk (Jay and Sue's daughter) who is studying at the Mayo Clinic.  She gave us a lot of information that is important for cyclists to know and be aware of that can help us both on and off the bike.  Thanks, Alynnn!

I am attempting not to begin each paragraph with the word "After".  AND THEN we had a GLORIOUS dinner of turkey, expertly smoked by resident chef extraordinaire (and fellow Alton Brown fan) Jay Kakuk.  

AND THEN we had a night cap of team building out back at the fire pit, roasting smores, drinking beers (my first and last one for a while), sharing stories and laughs.  As some of the Nature Valley Pro Chase riders and staff began to turn in for bed, the night sky slowly became ablaze by the night's starscape.  I've been to some pretty cool spots in the world that had an AMAZING view of the heavens:

Savute Elephant Camp: Kalahari, Botswana
Massai Marra, Kenya
Far Side of Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico
Access Road of Mauna Kea, HI

and I now submit that Amery, Wisconsin joins my top list of places to lie down and stare up at the night sky.

That was only our first full day at the Nature Valley Pro Chase Team Camp.

Day two was more of the same.  We started the day with breakfast for 16 cyclists (12 Nature Valley Pro Chase athletes and 4 Collegiate All Stars) and a slow lolligag over to the bikes to embark on a ~50-60 mile ride.  This time around we had a team videographer join our Team Director Bart Bowen in the car to take video of us riding.  At the end of 3 hours, we arrived back at the Kakuk's, hungy for food, and a bit more of a team after sharing miles with each other.

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